Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Country Comfort

I love the look of old velvet chairs, they just have that feel of Granny's lap. Over sized and easy to snooze in, as years of inhabitants have settled in a perfect place to nestle all the right spots, me a story Grandpa. Once vibrant colors fade to muted tones of browns and rich burgundies. Table throws of rich velvets, now delicately drape from a chair or a table, once made to protect surfaces, now used to enhance them.

The look of weathered woods, bring a rich organic feel to a room, also giving a hint of mystery, wondering 'what and why'. But graceful to a room or porch, a rich piece of architecture, giving rise to conversation about ones past.

Sorry, can't forget the soft, loving furs of a friend always at hand, gracing the tops of ALL the furniture and flattened on the floor inviting the 'belly-rub' ever presence of love following footsteps and shadowing every move...what 'er we doing now Ma???


Sandra Ree said...

I love over sized chairs too. And I use table throws all from Muddy. Love the way you weave poetry with your words! And aren't all little friends so loving unconditionally. :D

Hey Harriet said...

Love your little furry friend. How cute!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I remember when everyone had big, comfy armchairs like that. Great place to curl up and read. Seems like modern chairs are either hard, brutally upright, or too small.

cconz said...

sharon, who has the table throw,? very cool couch and chair. Oh, and yes you sure do get to see the baby dolls. How sweet they are. Now That's the job to have!!! working with those faces all day.They don't talk back or scream or throw tantrums.