Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shadow shot Sunday--Oh, Loud Thunder

Your forest shadow echos in my heart
of a day in my youth when I walked your
depths before the waters came.
Once lush canopy hovered majestic
over deer trail and human path
turning an adventurous child
into a Native American legend.
We could run as 'wild Indians'
and no one was offended by a word.
In youth there is no prejudice
only a moment to run free into history.
To run and jump high with the wind
to soar with the eagle.

The scars of humanity fence you in now
only by boat can I get to your trail.
But your beauty remains steady
in an uncertain world.
Shadow on shadows
beauty and nought
I write with tears in my heart
secretly knowing the future
knowing what is my fate
knowing what is yours.
Your great green mounds
whisper the secret to my being
I will always walk your path
in beauty
I will always walk your path
in beauty
It is finished.


Hey Harriet said...

Ooooh, nice shots. They're very calming (even in my current over-load of caffeine jittery state ;)

Another amazing poem also. Be sure to let us know when you score a publishing deal for your poetry so we can purchase your book! Have a great Sunday :)

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Love your picture....& your poetry- very nice!!
Karla & Karrie

Greyscale Territory said...

With your music playing and your poetry singing, the world seems such an amazing, beautiful place. If only we could hold that thought each minute of the day! Then we just might find that elusive key called happiness.

Rosebud Collection said...

wow, that is beautiful..great poem too..It is really fun looking for shadows..who would have thought?

Lisa B. said...

Beautiful shots and hauntingly beautiful words! Wonderful job!!

I can't believe how many wonderful posts you have done this week!!! I just read thru them. Beautiful pictures in the gentle rain! I love the quarry buildings...they make lovely pictures too. "dingleberry" was it street?! Too funny. That sign would be stolen daily in any city. You have so many fall vignettes in primitives. Makes fall look so cozy! Great work:) Thanks for all the inspiration!

Gina said...

Another thoughtful and interesting SS installment Sharon! Very nicely done :D

Sandra Ree said...

Sharon, I love any water shot, so these are especially gratifying for me to look at! Great pics! And your words are always so deep. Beautiful!

annette said...

Hi Sharon,It appears a few of us have had blog troubles this week, i lost a whole post the other night, and i was not a happy girl!!
A very large shadow this week and on water, this is different for you, but i like it. You and Gemma should co- write a poetry book, you both always come up with just the right wordsto match your photography.Well done again. Have a happy week Sharon. Annette

Toni said...

Your poetry pairs well with your photography! Pretty reflection - the water is so calm!

~michelle pendergrass said...