Saturday, August 16, 2008

Iowa~my love

Fence posts of sturdy hedge embrace wire,
rusted from decades of plains temperament
settling on spiny barbs.
Holding promise of prosperity
within your leafy, green stores.
Prairie winds pull ancient flow
from memories deep in your vein,
as rough, polished bones of a proud heritage passed,
jet into your deep blue skies.

Iowa, home of my birth,
land to ancient Musquaki, Saulk and Sioux,
you knew my lands worth.
Her gentle, yet course path
gave you promise for millennium.
Your brothers the deer, the wolf, eagle and fox,
taught you cunning, the wisdom of freedom
and the way of the land.

If only we could again embrace your
vision of the Mother, we would again be born.
Masters of our destiny, caretaker to the blue sky
and keeper of Her green shore.
Iowa, land of great beauty,
plains to my people, my Brothers, my Sisters, my Mother.
Her beauty scarred by great course
cutting through peaceful retreat.
My wish for her is long life,
free from the bondage of a parasitic foe,
a child gone mad with greed.
What punishment will you seek,
as mad men tear at your bliss.

I accept your pain and promise my soul
to set your sacred fires ablaze in my heart of hearts.
Your beauty is my home,
my home...
The humble fate of a Daughter, a Son
will set on your horizon Iowa
my love.


Greyscale Territory said...

Your pics seem to shimmer with the spirit of your land.

And your words ~ There is a deep, quiet wisdom singing here, that, in some ways seems to be from a voice with and behind your voice!

So very moving!

High Desert Diva said...

Does Iowa have a state poetry competition?

This is a sure win....

MuseSwings said...

Fantastic pictures. They ARE Iowa and the poem is just wonderful!

Thanks for your recent visit to my blog! Yes, I am off to the store today for munchies, fresh limes and tonic water. I've got plenty of vodka. We'll be happy, if not safe while Fay passes on by. Oh, I need some of those cute little umbrellas for my drinks.


Hey Harriet said...

Lovely scenes from your part of the world. Iowa sure looks like a pretty place to live :)

paisley said...

what a lovely ode to a seemingly mystical place.. i have never been to iowa,, and truthfully never thought much about it,, untill i read this... now i feel the need to see for myself....