Saturday, August 9, 2008

This is for both Theresas'...drool...

OK dealers, contain is so rare to find a pair of matching harvest tables of such primitive beauty. But leave it to Barb and her wonderful pickers, they read the blog too...Barb is thrilled with the tables and just to let you know Liz...the cement piece sold before they could get it all set up.

The patina is just unbelievable, the tops had been painted a dull gray, but has worn through the times to a mellow chippy hue, all it needs is a good waxing to make the gray pop. It almost looks like a zinc top until you get a closer look. I should have measured before I left (maybe 3ft x 6or7 ft)...but I was a little dazed from all the trips up the narrow steps with full boxes of new inventory, some of which have already sold. Not to mention the smell of the fresh floral soaps wafting through the beautiful old structure.

The day I bring in newly poured soaps, we sell a's just irresistible to the trained nose of a woman, to seek out that wonderful fragrance that fills the air. We are a grand gender, aren't we, to walk in, uncomplaining of the beautiful aroma that fills our psyche with visions of fields with dew-covered posies of all species...uncomplicated is the world of a woman, a sense of home and family and the urge to nest is what sets us apart from the OTHER gender...them...You know, the 'what stinks' or 'now where do think you are gonna put that', guys. I won't categorize all of you guys, cause there are many wonderful, sensitive men out there...especially gay men. Oh what talent we have there, totally in touch with their feminine side. You are some of our best clients with the best taste and a blast to work with.

Ok, enough rambling...let the bidding wars begin. We are curious to see just how quickly these two pieces are gonna fly outta here. So git up ta Sisters' for a peak at these rare beauties.


LadyJaneVintage said...

Ooooooh I could just envision those flanking two walls in my office to help get me ORGANIZED!
They are gooorgeous!

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Yummy yummy just have Barb put in the box with my window!!!!
tantalizing us is gonna cost you, Poo.
ox lulu

Greyscale Territory said...

I know I'm a bit on the very remote sidelines for all this, but still I enjoy dreaming. Now I think I know what "patina" means! I'm learning!

And I love the fun way you tell us about your latest discovery Sharon! Always a delight!

High Desert Diva said...

I cannot find the words needed to describe my joy/envy/lust at the sight of these tables!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love the tables, they are awesome. One of the Theresa's!!

timeworninteriors said...

OMG!! Girl I think they are fabulous!! I want them!! Maybe on the next trip!!