Monday, August 11, 2008

Some of my Fears...

Driving on a Sunday should be a pleasant event and I thought it was, as in the distance I saw what appeared to be a glider practicing maneuvers in the sky. Flying straight up to the heavens, then circling down to the depths, I thought he'd surely crashed as he disappeared from sight...then up again out of the depths he arose to fancy turns, high, high, higher, then to my amazement he was coming straight down the interstate, like a bomber locked on his target. The semi next to me was feeling the angst, we both slowed as the intrepid bomber approached our air-space. Just pulling up again, you could tell he was giving an early morning air show with his risky maneuvers. Then I realized as the mists of death jetted out the tail of the plane...
the 'crop duster'...
did I see a skull and cross-bones on the side of this deceiving yellow craft.

Bastard of the sky
bringer of uncertain death
toxic wasteland, Earth

I have seen you before, yellow trickster in flight

some may relish your skills, but I know your true meaning,

as you have polluted my own skies.

Trespassing your fowl stench

to my organic plots,

dusting noxious toxins so powerful

you have created super pestilence

that mock you as they dust off your attempts at their demise.

What will it take to bring this toxic trickster to his knees...

I scoffed at the sign-'Food, Health, Hope'

at the gate of Monsanto

'bio-engineered food, cancer, global warming'

is what the sign should have read.

Ours is a fragile domain, not theirs alone to conquer.

We all breathe the same air

we all have the same right

to food, health and hope,

but you have stolen it away and made us fodder

to a corrupt league

of medical, pharmaceutical and insurance beasts.

A new toxic form of scorpion,

ready to pump corporate corruption to our fragile meaning.

What will it take to eradicate these

bastards of the Earth
a globe warming...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful shot! I especially love the first one -- I love sunflowers. Great narration. I would have liked to watch this glider in person. ;-)


elizabeth said...

Scratchy looks like a cool dude.
Yes, I'm totally opposed to all form of chemical fertilizer/weed killer.
A friend on LI with a wonderfully weedfree (but toxic!) lawn developed MS. Very sad.

To me watering and general care and attention do the trick.

cconz said...

Sharon great penned thoughts, i may have to pass on your words of wisdom.You can express yourself like no other. Did you read my bee post?

Greyscale Territory said...

Crisp, biting words and rightly so. I too would be incensed!

And I love the pics before the poem, showing us the precious, fragile beauty in our world looking so innocent, but in the shadow of unwanted pestilence!

Great post!

Rescued For You said...

I am sitting here reading your post sharing thoughts of your fears and frustrations while trying to ignore the smell seeping through my window. Someone is burning in the alley - plastic or rubber or something! I am sick to my stomach. Where can we MOVE to place ourselves into the world WE want and not what is forced upon us?? Any ideas??

High Desert Diva said...

You've written it very eloquently. It is so frustrating. Similar to being in the non-smoking section of a restaurant...

annette said...

Yes very well written Sharon and the leadup with the photos is great, that daisy photo would have to be one of my favourites, don't know why it just catches my eye. Have a great week, hopefully no more cropdusting visitors. annette :0)

Utah Grammie said...

Oh, your words are true, true true. What are we doing to ourselves and to our grandkids?? Wish everyone could read your heartfelt words, my friend. Keep writing. Keep photographing. And keep being a good soul -

vikki said...

lovely pics of the flowers & critters! such beautiful ~ gorgeous ioway weather for august, low humidity --- perfect weather! can even keep windows open for mother natures' breezes ... if it weren't for the dummies who love to burn the green clippings, branches & plastic garbage & just let it smoulder & belch out the stench! and wait to burn in the eve when u want to sit out & enjoy the sunset for a bit & when there is no breeze to make the stench blow... hey ~ i want to breathe too *** the fresh aire along with the creatures & critters of the earth. c'mon people ~ some common courtesy & consideration for others ~ all that breathe & enjoy natures' beauty! vikki♥

timeworninteriors said...

That poem needs to be a commerical on TV for gobel warming!
The Other Theresa

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Sharon, I wonder if your local paper would publish your poem? I like to see our American farmer prosper and compete in the global economy. Not at the expense of yours and my health. What good is a bumper crop of (whatever that is) if the water, soil and air are poison?