Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday #15

Things That I Fear

It's not you great ancient beast
that sets upon me the fear
of the great unknown...
the path of the Mother,
how certain will her travel be?
In our mind
our course is set
even as we pray for other truths.

Shadows trail across your brow,
furrowing deep, dark
veins of uncertainty,
stumbling into that great toothed casm,
the millenium,
we enter our certain destiny...
unknown to us, our future here,
unknown to you, your future here.

What is certain is the season...
the summers will stay
to harvest the growth...
the winters will stay
to nurture new growth.
My hopes matter not,
just a child in my Mother's arms
I skip through the seasons
secure in her future...
is it folly?

Man, do not take that from me...
do not take that from Her,
leave my Mother to her study.
Let her rest in the hope
that her sons, her daughters,
the heirs of destiny and truth
will know the meaning
of eternal peace and regrowth.
As misguided offspring
we destroy all
that is precious,
all that we fear.
Our grace is to honor...
to honor the Mother
to honor the beast.

I fear not the winter
I fear not the beast...

Yup, it's that time again...Hey, Harriet shadow shot time. Check out Tracey's blog for the rest of the shots and come on, takes some shots and join in the fun.


Sandra Ree said...

Tell me that is not real! Awesome shadow shot Sharon!

And your words are so true, we do tend to destroy all that is precious, all that we fear.

Greyscale Territory said...

I love the shadow shot! But your words are quite mystical, taking the images far far beyond a mere visual!

Absolutely delightful!

Anonymous said...

Yay! You were able to post a shadow shot this week; and what wonderful shots they are along with the prose. Enjoyed your words.

Oh! And thanks for the spelling correction. I changed it.


Gina said...

Gosh he looks so real!!..and such wonderful words once again Sharon :D

Hey Harriet said...

Eeeeeek! Is that for real? Real or not, great photos! Your words are awesome also! Enjoy your weekend :)

paisley said...

what hauntingly beautiful words...

Rosebud Collection said...

Wow, you had me going there for a moment..I thought, how did that get in her yard? What beautiful pictures and lovely poetry as usual..

Toni said...

Your poetry always "explains" your photos so well - I always look forward to that! Just looking at the snow makes me shiver - I'm not ready to think about winter yet, even though it's right around the corner!

Elizabeth said...

I hope, as Sandra said above that this is a 'pretend'crocodile.
Bonnie, from 'some pink flowers' had relones in Florida recently!!!
Super pictures.....

Rustic Tarts said...

Hi Sharon

Thank you for visiting our blog and us in Australia and also for your kind welcome. Yes it has taken awhile to take the big step and start a blog and now I wish I had done it much sooner..
I’ve enjoyed wandering around your blog for awhile too. Love seeing all the pumpkins and the primitive items and the soaps and...... I could go on and on!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Sharon - thanks for stopping by. We thought your alligator was real when your picture first started downloading –whoa! - We can definitely say that alligators are not one of our favorites either!
My goodness we have been on your blog reading your posts this morning - we want to come visit Sisters - how fun will that open house be? Please take lots more pictures to share!! Your tables are really cool - love the idea of the feed bags, neat, neat, neat!
Hope you have a great Labor Day today,
Karla & Karrie

Lisa B. said...

I thought it was a real gator...til I saw the second picture. Cool SS. Lovely poetry!

M.Kate said...

Is it real? the poor croc seems frozen in time and not moving and inch :D