Saturday, August 2, 2008

Two wonderful awards

My world has changed so much since this blog thing began, never knowing what it would involve and what a huge audience it would entertain...I am still in awe of it. But the people that you meet are just ordinary, honest people of like mind that have found audience with other creative souls, a common ground that bonds us all together, sharing thoughts, ideas and a sense of spirituality that is keen only to our species.

I especially thank sweet, talented Gemma of Greyscale Territory. She is the sole reason that I have shared my inner thoughts and passion to a world I never knew existed, yet alone would be a part of.

The gift of these two awards is the start of a treasury of new friends, a gift of simple praise and honor among friends. I accept gratefully and wish these honors to all who speak their innermost thoughts to a virtual world and hope that we will all meet some day in real time.

Why do I feel like I should be walking up to the stage picking up my award and thanking all responsible for my good fortune...and the Oscar goes too...LOL


Greyscale Territory said...

O help! A few tears here!


I too have been the odd child!


paisley said...

just came from gemmas,, what an honor and a privilege to count you both among my blogging buddies... well done,, and definitely deserved!!!

M.Kate said...

Congrats on the award. Happy weekend ;)

Hey Harriet said...

Congrats on the awards! Keep on writing! Enjoy your weekend! :)

vintage sue of VRS said...

Ain't that the truth? I, too, have found that blogging has changed me immensely. All these newfound and farflung friends!

Well-deserved awards!

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Honestly, there will be NO living with you now...
Congrats..your poetry and photographer's eye are very inspiring! Glad to be able to count you as a friend!
ox lulu